Maagd Industrial Engineering B.V.

Bulk Handling Technology

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Pulleys & Drums

We supply high quality pulleys and drums, manufactured to customer specification or alternatively, we will provide a suitable design for the application.  

Our design department is available to make full design calculations based on the conveyor design parameters. 

Please contact us for more details.  Pulleys are supplied with either a crowned or flat profile. Slight crowning during the final machining process aids belt tracking and over tensioning of the belt edges 

Adverse weather conditions, insufficient angle of wrap, and many other effects can cause slippage between pulley and belt (usually the drive pulley).  In these instances wear to the pulley itself is more likely to occur and therefore a wide range of pulley laggings is offered i.e. Natural rubber – either plain or diamond pattern, Nitrile, Ceramic inserts and others.  These increase the coefficient of friction at the pulley to belt interface and improve wear and slippage influences.

Tail pulley in production. 

Diameter 900 mm. Crowned face length 2000 mm. Shaft diameter 250/240/220 mm. Length 3000 mm.